Monday, June 30, 2014

As the World Spins...

My little spinning renaissance continues.
Mini Turkish Drop Spindle from Snyder Spindles on Etsy.
Pictured above is a teeny tiny Turkish Drop spindle that I tuck away in my purse. At only 4.25 inches tall, it is a diminutive delight to play with! So far I have just been spinning the Cheviot sample that came with the spindle, courtesy of TwinMommyCreations at Etsy. Although I'm not finding the wool to be a soft as a merino, I am enjoying how easy this medium wool is to draft. I look forward to spinning up a larger amount hopefully soon. I think it would be lovely and warm in a hat or mittens. Because the spindle is extremely light at .3 ounces, I am spinning the wool laceweight. Once I'm finished I won't have much to work with, as I only received a tiny amount, but it's been helpful for me to reacquaint myself with the nuances of Turkish spindling.

It seems as though Turkish spinning is quite the rage now. When I first began spinning, I actually learned on an Ashford Turkish Drop Spindle that really qualified as more of a boat anchor. No wonder I had such a challenge keeping my singles from breaking! That was a long time ago, though, and now that Etsy has come to the forefront of my virtual shopping space, a new spindle is never far away.
Goliath and David! Notice the hook at the top of the Ashford.
 One of my other favorite spindles is made by Etsy seller, Trindleman, and his tools are always a joy to use. Currently I'm spinning up some merino on a Cocobolo shaft with crystal arms.
Trindling while Lesson Planning!
I have 100 grams of the braid, and the first spinning captured around 25 grams. I'm spinning this in a semi-worsted manner. Originally I had planned to knit some socks from it, but I'm rethinking that plan and may instead opt for mittens.

I would love to say my wheels are seeing action, but right now they are resting in anticipation of Tour de Fleece, which is set to begin next month. Before I can get started on much more spinning, I really do need to finish my sweater, Tang, which I am knitting up with Wool of the Andes by Knit Picks. I started the project quite awhile ago, but after my mother passed away, I didn't feel like picking it up again. Now I am back at it and working on the first sleeve. I'd love to have it finished before we head out on vacation, but I know myself too well. It may be quite some time yet before I can check it off the list, but at least I'm moving ahead!


  1. Wow. Look at the difference in sizes of Goliath and David! I did not know there were different ways to spin. I really like the Trindleman and the yarn you are spinning with it. Very pretty.

  2. Thanks, appliejuice! Yeah, those Trindles are beautiful tools. And those crystals look so pretty spinning around and around!