Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Little Spindling on the Side

I've been working with my spindles some more. Every time I pick them up, they make me want to smile. My latest project has been a tiny one, as I had only a little bit of fiber in a particular colorway, but I wanted to play with a three ply, and this just looked too fun.

Two of Three
I spun up three colors of singles. A mulberry of merino, a brown of llama, and a cream of some unknown long wool. For plying I fashioned a spindle kate out of a spa basket I purchased from Amazon.
It's not fancy, but it works!
Because the yardage was so slight, I wound my singles around a smallish natural sea sponge.
The start of a small plying ball
Eventually I got all the singles wound off and was prepared for plying. It went smooth as silk!
Almost done!
After a relaxing bath (the yarn, not me), I skeined my tiny treasure. I am planning on using it in my Traditional Danish Tie Shawl which I hope to finish before I'm a decade older. It seems like that shawl is taking forever, but I suppose that's what happens when one doesn't actually knit on it, eh?

Finished, and oh, so cute!
I'm now motivated to finish up knitting some projects that have been, shall we say, relaxing just a smidge too long?

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