Saturday, February 16, 2013

Creativity Released! (almost...)

I can hardly believe it. The gestational period has been a long one, but as with any great effort, it's all the more rewarding in the end. What (else) Would Madame DeFarge Knit? is almost out, and I have a teeny tiny piece of it to claim as my own! And I hope everyone loves it as much as I loved creating and knitting it.

Based on a book and character precious to me, I created a shawl that I think reflects her (yep, a woman) beautifully. Shawls are my preferred canvas of choice. Some artists paint breathtaking sceneries on canvas, other write scores of hauntingly beautiful music. My mode, my method of communication comes out in my knitting. Specifically in my shawls. This particular pattern is, shall we say, different, in that it's knit in a luscious bulky weight yarn straight from the creative genius of Briar Rose Fibers in Robusta.
But this is just one pattern out of so many excellent possibilities. I haven't even begun to write about the essays!  Or the recipes!  I hope you'll check it out.  If you're a knitter, or even a lover of fine, classic literature, you won't be disappointed.  While we're waiting for the last minute details to be finished before actually printing the book, there is this handy dandy little sign-up list that you can go to to get in the queue for it.  Pre-orders are going on now!

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