Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother Love

Mother's Day is a mixed bag for me. After all, my mother is no longer with me and I miss her more than words can express. A part of me bled when she died, and I am forever missing a piece of my heart. I will never get over her loss although the sharp-edged knife pain has smoothed and softened with time. But love lasts forever, and her love is still with me even though she is gone. To celebrate her and the other moms I love in my life, I decided to spend this day, our special day, doing something that she loved best.

Many years ago on Mother's Day, my sweet mother-in-law used to ask for the gift of time from her boys. She called it a "Work Party," and I decided to ask for the same, a work party in my sadly neglected garden. I bravely faced the backyard which nature has been stubbornly and decidedly taking over, but I wasn't alone. The kids and my husband were by my side. We got down to business.

It took several hours, but we gradually uncovered the beauty that was hiding there all along beneath the weeds and detritus of clay pots, broken bird feeders, and forgotten rugs. While it was warm, it wasn't Florida hot, and we had time and comfort to enjoy the process. As we hauled bag after bag of weeds away (it was a big job), I started to really see my surroundings. Looking around, I noticed some gorgeous flowers, and I couldn't help but think of my mother, mother-in-law, and grandmothers. Soon I began to mentally give unique flowers to each of these special ladies who meant (and continue to mean) so much to me. I snapped some photos, and this is my gift to these special ladies. I love you all!

For my mother, a single magnolia bloom. As big as a dinner plate, these blooms always delighted her.

I couldn't resist getting a close-up!
For my sweet mother-in-law, Linda. This flower reminds me of how
elegant you always look. You are beautiful both inside and out!

For my grandmother, Charlotte. An old-fashioned rose for an old-fashioned
lady. I love you always, Grandma!
For my other beautiful grandmother, Helen. You would have loved these
colors, and they would look so beautiful with your lovely, dark hair! 
These day lillies came from Nana's yard. When they bloom each spring, I am
reminded of Nana and her sweet Southern charm.
And a flower for me. Gardenias are my personal favorite. They starred in my bridal bouquet and their fragrance
never fails to draw me back to that wonderful day when I said, I do.
Taking a page from Mom, I found this blossom for my sister, who reminds me so much of Mother.
A fully opened magnolia blossom.

Finally, I found a flower for my daughter...

While she isn't a mother, she is part of who has crafted me into the mother I am today. I am grateful to her and my sons. Because of them, I can claim sisterhood with the greatest profession in the world... Mother.

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  1. The perfect words Jen. I love you so very much.