Sunday, April 5, 2015


Easter is here. Yesterday our family attended worship services. Easter service is one of my favorites of the entire year, although I have to say that Good Friday service still ranks highest. I am mindful of the incredible sacrifice of my Lord for me, my family, and for the world. It takes my breath away.

This year, as I reflected on scripture, I came to this verse:

...blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.
John 20:29b (NIV, 1984)

Jesus is speaking to Thomas, forever immortalized as "Doubting Thomas." Having missed Jesus' spectacular appearance within the locked room earlier in the week, he boldly proclaims that he won't believe unless he touches the places where Jesus suffered. When Jesus appears again and sees Thomas, he gives him the chance to do just that and then says the words written above.

According to this passage, we are all blessed if we are in Christ, because we are unable to see. Even if we doubt. Even if we sin. Even if we complain. We receive Christ's blessing for believing in an unbelieving world.

What is this blessing? I believe it is Grace. Grace that, when we sin or doubt or despair, reminds us that we are forgiven. Grace that whispers in our hearts, "Take courage." Grace that proclaims, "Do not fear."

It is Jesus' sacrifice and gift of grace that we celebrate today. Be blessed! He is risen!

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