Friday, March 4, 2016


I've been knitting again. Actually, in the span of one week's time, I've managed to complete AND block two projects. That's a record for me for sure! The one I want to write about today, though, is Pennant. Designed by Laura Aylor, it's kind of this odd triangulary piece of knitting with holes at one end. It's odd looking but so much fun to knit. The magic happens once the knitting is completed. The holes allow the wearer to change the way it's worn, generating many different looks for the piece.
First day wearing option!
To knit this little beauty, I went on a deep stash diving expedition in my closet and surfaced with two vintage (read, decades old) yarns. The first one my sweet nephew should recognize, as it's the left over yarn from his baby blanket. It's Sirdar Country Style DK and is now retired. The stripe accent was gifted to me by my own sweet little boy who will be heading off to college this fall and is also discontinued. It's Tapestry by Rowan.

Although the yarns aren't exactly alike (one is plied, the other is nearly pencil roving, and one is thicker than the other) I think they worked out really well together.

Laura designed a simple yet engaging pattern, and I know it won't be the last time I work one up. I am thinking it would make a loving prayer shawl gift for someone who could use a lift.
A glimpse of the stripe detailing.
A view of the general shape.
I love the ending of it!

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