Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Walk in the Woods

My husband and I woke early. Neither of us had slept well. The house was still and dark as I prepared coffee and tea, our daily ritual. We sipped while sitting close to each other on the couch, listening to the silence. As we savored our steaming mugs, the sun slipped up above the horizon and darkness began to dispel.

"Let's go on a walk," my husband proposed.

"Sounds lovely," I answered.

And so we left our sleepy home and instead walked into an awakening wilderness, the only humans in the place.

Once the sun decides to rise, nothing can stop her, and before we arrived the disk had slipped the bounds of the earth. Daylight had come and with it all the animals were stirring.

Shelf Fungi on a Fallen Log
In the silence I was studious. Colors appeared more brilliant; movements more pronounced. We enjoyed watching the birds flutter from tree to tree, fresh from their night of rest. I stopped to photograph the shelf fungi from a fallen tree and when we resumed our walk, we spotted a deer in our path.
We looked at it, and it looked at us. Eventually it decided to give us the path for our walk, and we slowly ambled up to where it had stood gazing at us.
A freshly laid hoof print
It was a treat to spend this time with my husband. It was sacred. I'm so glad our sleep was disturbed; it allowed us to see the undisturbed beauty of morning life in the woods.
On the way back home...

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