Saturday, January 2, 2016


At Thanksgiving I discovered a sweet little pattern that I just knew would be perfect for some yarn that I'd purchased the year before. This was before I learned I will be undergoing surgery in December. It also turned out to be the perfect project for my convalescence. Called Meringue, it's a cowl that settles nicely around your shoulders in layers.
Meringue, finished but unblocked.
The yarn is Trendsetter's Mimi. When I found it I was so excited, as it was listed as 100% mink. I happily plunked down $26.00 per skein (bought four!) thinking I would do something special with it. It was when I was about 80% finished with the knitting that I learned that the yarn was recalled, as it contains NO mink at all. Instead, it's a blend of wool, angora, and rayon. It's too late for me to do anything about it, now, but talk about disappointed! It didn't change that the yarn is super soft and warm, but it did kill some of the joy in the working up of it.

I used my Sirka counter to make the pattern flow quickly. Once I set up the counter, I didn't have to refer to the pattern again until the very end. That made my work, although boring with its super long stretches of plain or reverse stockinette, efficient and smooth.
Work in progress with my custom Sirka.
I had hoped to finished the project in 2015, but I was shy by about six rows. No worries, it turned into my first completed object of 2016! I finished just in time; the weather has (FINALLY!) turned cooler in Florida, and I know I'll get a lot of enjoyment and wear out of it.

Next up is the mystery knit along that begins tomorrow for the final season of Downton Abbey. It will be a shawl of some kind, and I'm excited to get back to some lace knitting! I'll enjoy working on the new project while wearing my Meringue!

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