Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Old Dog Learns New Tricks

I get such a kick out of homeschooling. I don't know who learns more:  the kids or me! This year my sweet gal is taking a photography class at co-op, and it's taking me out of my normal track in life. I'm having such a ball going over all the nuances (and we're only in week 2!) of our respective cameras. Since she's dyslexic, I'm reading the book out loud to her. One of the modes she was working on was the macro setting. I pulled out some shells for an object study and let the shooting commence. I could hardly stand just watching her. I wanted to yank the camera out of her hand and take my own photos! Rather than doing the very unseemly and immature move, I went and gathered my own and got started on my own camera exploration. It was my favorite five minutes of the day!
A close-up of a shell

A close-up of coral
I played around some more with my little camera, a Canon PowerShot Elph 130 IS, a simple point-and-shoot camera and found that it had a color boost. It really made the photos of the shells pop once I turned it on!
Without color enhancement

With color enhancement
The book she's using for the class is Better Photo Basics by Jim Miotke, and we have found it to be useful as well as readable for the neophyte. I'm looking forward to the next lessons!

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