Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Flip and Tumble

My friends know I struggle to be organized. Life spins quickly in my home these days. Homeschooling is a full time occupation, and when I add in volunteering commitments, the occasional paid job, and the remainder of living life, it is challenging to remain poised and prepared. One area in which I have been attempting to become more organized is in my shopping habits.

At the beginning of this year, our family switched to doing the grocery shopping just once weekly, rather than an every-other-day type of event. In a family of five that eats at home most meals, that has translated into a lot of food in one trip! I have found that bringing my own grocery bags has cut down on the sheer amount of bags I use and has helped me to become better organized along the way as well. To that end, I discovered Flip and Tumble.

Flip and Tumble bags, all egged up!
I love how handy these bags are. They are easy to flip into their pocket to store and equally easy to open up. They manage to carry quite a load, are washable, and recyclable. Because they are light and easy to store, I find I actually remember to bring them into the store, so they actually get used!
Loaded up. The printed bags are from a different company, and work very well, but aren't quite as handy.
Did I mention that I get compliments on them every time I use them?

If you're thinking about switching to reusable bags or live in a part of the country that demands their use, I highly recommend them! And no, I don't receive a cent from Flip and Tumble for my endorsement.

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